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Eating Ramen

Noodle Bar Menu

Served with baby bokchoy, shitake mushroom, carrot, soy tea flavor egg

Making Noodles

Choice of Noodle:


Recommended with Tonkotsu broth

Hand Made Pull

Recommended with spicy miso broth

Pad Thai (GF)

Recommended with spicy tom yam gong broth


Recommended with house clear broth

Lo Mein

Recommended with spicy curry broth

Vegetable Noodle

Recommended with vegetarian broth

Potato Noodle $2.50 Extra (GF)

(Recommended with any broth)



Vegetable / Tofu $13.95

Chicken / Pork $14.95

Roast Duck $23.95

Shrimp $17.95

Beef $16.95



Tofu $3.00

Chicken $6.00

Pork $7.00

Beef $8.00

Shrimp $9.00

Duck $12.00

Noodle $6.00

Broth $3.00

Choice of Broth:

Japanese Tonkotsu (GF)

White miso pork broth

Japanese Spicy Miso

Red miso pork broth

Spicy Tom Yam Gong (GF)

Spicy Thai Curry (GF)

House Clear Chicken Broth (GF)

Vegetarian (GF)

White miso vegetable base broth



Toasted Seaweed $2.00

Broccoli $2.00

Baby Corn $2.00

Bell Pepper $2.00

Soy Tea Egg $2.00

Snow Peas $2.00

Asparagus $2.00

Bean Sprout $2.00

Mushroom $2.00

Additional charge may be applied for any substitutions 

Tom Yum Soup
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